Tuesday, September 20, 2011

And on the Grateful side of life....

It's nearing  12am. I have been exhuasted and not myself all day. The kitchen  is, again, a mess (how can *1* person make such a mess?...and *how* did I get pasta sauce on the *ceiling*...especially when I didn't cook  pasta....) My apartment is not perfect, and I am a perfectionist, so this bothers me. I hate the two purple two purple end tables that I just can't get rid of (And i've been trying for years) and I don't like that there is only one window source, and also that I can't fit a proper bed into the apartment, and...

...And then I remember the grateful side of life...

Here I sit in an apartment that is warm  because the heat works (There are many slumlord buildings in the city where it *doesn't*) and as I do I type on a new laptop computer that I should not be able to afford (what exactly they were thinking letting  me put in on payments I don't know....didn't they look at my income?) I manage to survive off of hopes, dreams, and PT shifts at a community center job which allows me to come in late, wear jeans, work alone, and spend a good amount of my shift zoning out and drawing. (and yes, I complain about this job as much as I complain about the purple end tables...)

I currently write this on a neat Oak Alice in Wonderland type dining table set that has chairs who's backs are curved into a neat rounded shapes with hearts cut into the middle of them, of which I got a steal for at a garage sale. The whole set for $25. In a store this would be $100's. I also have a great brass handled dresser and a $300 armchair the manager let me have for free from the building's storage room because  it was left behind by old tenants. The manager himself is now one who truely cares about the building and is taking the effort to clean it up and look after it. Each month undesirable tenants go out and only good ones are come in. It's come a long way since he took over in June.

In this apartment, since new managment, I am also allowed to paint my walls (which is a good things since I slammed blue acrylic handprints on them  in a moment of creative frustration before I was allowed too...) and this painting of walls in a rental agency run place is nearly unheard of. And although I may only have one source of light, that one source is a full floor to ceiling patio door that leads to a competely private, enclosed on both sides brick balcony that is currently covered in flowers. And the light I do is get is full sun for almost five hours in the afternoon.

And, most importantly, I am allowed to share this apartment with a demanding and way to smart for her own good guinea pig (also not an easy thing to find in a rental agency run place in this city)

So yes, the kitchen does need to be cleaned, and yes I do still have those purple end tables I hate...well, I think I can live with it...oh, and the pet is demanding water so I must run to her summoning....

Have a cup of optimism

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. I have so much to be grateful for:
    love, home, food, friends, pets, etc!