Thursday, October 6, 2011

Some art done today

Curled comfortably in my armchair, lost in video game land I glanced up and saw...SUN! It's the west coast, coming up winter, so that weird bright thing called sun is now usually hidden by dark gray thing called clouds. So what is an artist to do when she spots sun...well set up her paint stuff and paint of course.

I don't normally use paint as a medim, but have started to delve into just for sheer self expression. I find it much more emotionally involving than my ink drawings. Unlike the ink drawings, painting is not based on precise  lines and fine ink, it just colors and brush strokes, and since you are loser the work you do gets much closer to expressing your true emotional state.

So below is the painting completed. I call it "storms". I titled it this for two reason. First, because I think it represents how stormy my life has been these last three years, but secondly, storms break and bring in better weather so there is also a positive notion to it. It wasn't done with anything fancy. Just $ store tempera watercolor paint and a 9X12 canson mixed media sketchbook. 

And my painting set up...aka, the dining room table set by the window...